My name is Hillary Paige Zator and my dream to be a fashion designer started in high school. I made my dresses for our schools dances, I loved the idea of creating something that - was not yet. Growing up and majoring in Fashion Design at Cal State Long Beach was so much fun (partially due to me being a student athlete at the same time. Let’s just say being a fashion design major was a juggle with traveling for races on weekends, but I managed and knocked it all out. I wish I could go back and do it all over again sometimes.) Little did I know how competitive the fashion industry was…and is. With my creative side quickly being pushed to the side, somehow I started giving up on applying for design positions as I got shot down time and time again, with always the same response in, “we want to go with someone with more experience.” Not to sound emo on you, although I suppose that may match my artsy photo of myself, but I sure wish someone would believe in me and give me a chance in design despite my years of experience. How does one gain experience if they just graduated college? It was a real struggle bean for me. I ended up applying for jobs outside of design and God being such a big God provided an amazing job and experience in another realm in the fashion industry. Although it hasn’t been with design the opportunity has been invaluable to my career.

What an honor it has been to represent adidas as a field agent in Los Angeles and Orange County, CA. Along with visual merchandising, I am a product expert, and build advocacy for the brand in my territory. I've got a burning passion for styling, creativity, and forecasting fashion trends; still itching to design deep down. Representing adidas has been unreal, fantastic, and exciting. Especially being an athlete.

As a graduate in Fashion Design from Cal State Long Beach I've learned all the skills needed to apply myself as a designer. Starting with the original flat pattern methods, to computerized design methods such as illustrator and photoshop. May be a tad rusty but I sure pick up things quick. The last couple of years while I have been merchandising in the industry I've kept up with my designing on the side as a freelance designer for a close friend of mine who started the company, Fitspi. My first design for them is the women's palm leaf print that is available for sale in a short, legging, and sports bra. So cute, just saying.

Check out my designs featured in the link below!


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All the garments in the portfolio were designed by me in 2009-2015. The last three years (2015-2019) my career has been heavily in merchandising and styling.