So as you may be able to see my designs are quite old (let’s go with vintage) from when I was in college. However, it is so fun to see that the styles I designed several years ago are actually killing it in stores.

But oh yes, back to the real gold of what this page is dedicated for and it’s simply that…I love Jesus.

Let me not freak you out, stay with me…don’t leave…baby please don’t go…you know that song too, right?

You clicked on this page for a reason and maybe you love Jesus too. Perhaps this was a simple reminder to tell you, you are so entirely loved and adored by our Heavenly Father above. And while others may have clicked this and thought to yourself, “Oh boy, she’s trying to preach to me,” or you’re about to click out of this right now! Don’t. Just Wait.

It is my prayer, earnest hearts desire to love people, you. I am no where near perfect, I’ve got insecurities, I beat myself up…all the time, but knowing that my mission here on earth is to love is something as I grow older I’m finding I crave more of. I just wish I could be famous haha (mostly so I can be the voiceover in Pixar movies, literally you don’t even know how much that is my dream job) OKAY that my random tangent back to the real gold…being famous solely so I could voice to the whole world- GOD LOVES YOU, NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE AT IN THIS LIFE. On the topic of life…it is real hard huh? Adulting that is…I totally miss being a little squirt running from cross-country practice to ballet, like what? Cherish those memories but now it’s bills to pay, running around with our heads cut off, never in full contentment. God gave me a thought one time when I was feeling overwhelmed and it was of Him watching us saying, “Oh my children, slow down, there is no point to your stress.” God just wants us to BE. If you are still reading this, thanks, but also just remember you can just be and that is enough. We are all comparing our lives to one another and it is toxic to our souls, can I get an amen? I remember this one gal from Instagram sharing she was stressed and depressed and I thought to myself, “Oh my goodness, YOU!? You are perfect looking and are married to a man who looks like he adores you and have a voice in this world to make an impact.” But she shared that even she is comparing herself to other women and doesn’t ever feel pretty enough. I mean it really did wake me up when she shared that because I thought wow this girl who I would think has it made, is still struggling. THE FACT IS ITS BECAUSE WE ALL STRUGGLE. Can you imagine if we all showed kindness and love to everyone. Checking the mail and your neighbor walks by, why do we put our heads down? Or in the grocery store line can we compliment the person in line on something?(non-creepily of course) Or ask how the cashier’s day is going and if it’s not going well offer to pray for them? But I would look like a total KOOK huh? Oh my dears though don’t we all want to be seen, heard, and adored. How’s my tangent going? I’ll wrap this puppy up with this…if you need prayer, reach out, if you are hurting, reach out, you don’t have to hide it all inside and pretend to have it all together, none of us do. Remember when you’ve hit rock bottom there’s only one way you can go-and that’s up.

So much love for you whoever you are, wherever you are in this crazy hard good life.<3